Westlaw China New Version Release in March 2011

With the release in March 2011, Westlaw China improves its contents and functions from the following aspects:

1. Add Model Contracts database

Westlaw China delivers Model Contracts database in March 2011. The model contracts will help users with their contract drafting needs. Integrated into Practice Areas of Westlaw China, Model Contracts extends the coverage of Practice Areas.
In Model Contracts database, users can browse either the most recent or most viewed contracts, or those contracts in certain areas as appropriate to users' specific needs.
As a new content category, the number of model contracts is growing.

2. Add Labor & Social Security to Practice Areas of Westlaw China

3. Deliver Historical Versions of Laws

Westlaw China has integrated multiple versions of laws and administrative regulations, to help users learn about the legislation history and development thereof.
Users can browse the different versions of laws and administrative regulations by clicking on the "H" icon in front of the document title.

4. Add Change Password function

To help users log in to the Westlaw China more conveniently and manage their passwords more efficiently, Westlaw China introduces the Change Password function. This function enables User to set a new password by clicking on "Change Password" on the log-in page.