Westlaw China New Version Released in December 2015

    In the latest release in December 2015, Westlaw China has enhanced and optimized the following functions and contents:

  1. New Case Intelligence Center

    Westlaw China’sĀ  new visual case data analysis tool, by integrating the data of Westlaw China on cases, analyzes the tendency and changes of cases and directly displays the comparison of case judgments from the perspectives of causes of action, jurisdictions and courts, so as to help users easily learn the development of relevant causes of action in different jurisdictions and the judgment preferences of different regions and courts, as well as provide users with objective data support in making business decisions.

  2. Westlaw China Editors Notes

    The Editors’ Notes are newly added in the database of Articles. Here the editors provide their selection and analysis of Chinese laws and regulations as well as relevant practical guidance, including selected laws and regulations under hot topics, practical work flow charts, and statistical data in practical area etc., which help users better understand the laws and regulations in their focus fields and save the time in understanding the complex practical information.

  3. Further Categorizing the Financial Laws and Regulations

    Westlaw China further categorized the Securities, Insurance and Banking categories of laws and regulations, in which, Securities is further categorizedĀ  into stocks, funds, bonds, listing, transaction, securities information disclosure, securities intermediaries etc. ; Insurance is further categorized into personal insurance, property insurance, insurance institutions, etc; and Banking is further categorized into currency, credit business, payment and settlement, financial institutions etc., so that the users could search out their desired documents more easily and quickly when running a search.