Westlaw China New Version Released in August 2015

    In the latest release in August 2015, Westlaw China has enhanced and optimized its functions and content as follows:

  1. New Version Comparison Function of Laws and Regulations
  2. To help users learn the changes between different versions of important laws and regulations in an easy-to-read and effective way, Westlaw China now provides the function of comparison between different versions of laws and regulations. The changes are presented in detailed and easy-to-read markups through careful comparison and analysis by the editors. In the comparison documents, the deleted parts are marked in blue fonts with strikethrough while the newly added parts are marked in bold red fonts.
    User may click the version comparison documents to download and read them at the document page of laws and regulations.

  3. New Overview of Guiding Cases of the Supreme People’s Court
  4. Westlaw China newly adds the overview of the guiding cases of the Supreme People’s Court with universal guiding roles, collating and briefing the basic information of the cases, such as plaintiffs, defendants, claims, the trial process, rulings, time of rending the rulings, court, case No. etc. Users may click the case No to view the full text of the judgment.
    Users could read the relevant case overview at the document page of the guiding cases of the Supreme People’s Court in the case judgment database.

  5. Further Optimizing Search Function
  6. In this release, Westlaw China further optimized the search mode.
    Firstly, add the function of searching by any field. In addition to search by title, users may run a search in the search box by using fields such as document No., case No., promulgation institution, court etc.
    Secondly, on the basis of smart switch between "precise search" and "extended search", new options of “full text smart search” and “full text extended search” are added. Users may choose and switch between the different search methods freely in one single search and obtain more accurate and inclusive matching results.
    In addition, the smarter search identification could be realized through keeping increasing the synonyms for search conversion. For example, if user search the key word of “FTZ”, the search results will also include “free trade zone”.

  7. Optimizing Advanced Search Function
  8. To help users run more effective legal search, Westlaw China optimized the advanced search function of the laws and regulations as well as the case judgments. Users can now use drop-down box to choose the promulgation institutions, validity, nature of documents, trial procedures, hierarchy of courts etc., so as to flexibly group different search options and obtain the desired search results more rapidly and accurately.

  9. Extending the Coverage of History of Law
  10. To help users better understand the validity history of laws and regulations, Westlaw China future extended the scope of the documents with the indication of history, fully covering laws, administrative regulations, judicial interpretations, ministerial regulations and other central laws. Users may click  at the left side of the title in the document pages to browse the legislation history and development of the document.

  11. Further Enhancing the Validity Status of Laws and Regulations
  12. As to the legal document with uncertain validity, Westlaw China keeps tracking the validity status thereof by indicating the documents affecting their validity to help users make more accurate judgment of the validity status of the documents.