New Westlaw China Released in December 2014

    In the latest release in December 2014, Westlaw China has enhanced and optimized the following functions and contents:

  1. Westlaw Special Report (New)
  2. Westlaw Special Report is the E-newsletters released by Westlaw China on the current heated topics. Westlaw China invites professionals with plenty of practice experiences to explore, analyze and study the heated topics and difficult issues in the practice areas, which will enable users to better understand specific legal topics and the industrial trend of the legal field. In addition to the professional perspectives provided by practice professionals, the E-newsletters also compile the news, laws and cases closely related to the those topics, and provide tables, statistical data, procedures, and other practical information, which will be displayed in charts and diagrams.
    The users may receive Westlaw Special Reports at fixed intervals through mail subscription, and may also read the special reports in the section of "Articles" in Westlaw China database.

  3. Add the "Give Feedback" Tab
  4. In order to help users promptly solve the issues encountered during their use of Westlaw China, a "Give Feedback" function is newly added so as to enhance the effective interaction with users.
    If no results are found matching the users' query, there will be three choices on the current page, that is, "Edit Search", "New Search" and "Give Feedback". Users may click on "Give Feedback" to directly feed the issues back to Westlaw China editors, who will contact the users and solve the issues for them.

  5. Further Optimize Search Mode
  6. In this latest release, Westlaw China further optimized the search mode. Firstly, the smart switch between "precise search" and "extended search" can get the search results that better match the query conditions of users. Secondly, through further differentiating laws and normative documents, the search results are better sorted. Besides, the function of "search for synonyms" is added to realize smart query recognition. For example, if a user enters the keyword "QDII", the query results for "qualified domestic institutional investors" will also appear.

  7. Optimize the Advanced Search Function for Laws and Regulations
  8. To more effectively help users with the legal search, Westlaw China optimized the search conditions for laws and regulations in the Advanced Search. Through further refining the precise classification of Central laws, laws, regulations, rules, normative documents, and government work documents are differentiated, and users may obtain more quickly the required results by clicking the legal hierarchy in search page.

  9. Optimize Homepage Update Alerts
  10. To better inform users of the content updates of Westlaw China, the update alert "last 7 days" is added on the homepage. The users may click on the link to have a quick view of all the updates of laws, cases, articles, and translations within the recent 7 days. The Latest Translation on the homepage will also be displayed in bilingual form to help users learn more easily the information on the latest translation.

  11. Launch the "Keywords of Subjects"
  12. To help users better understand the coverage of subjects and classification standards, Westlaw China added the "Keywords of Subjects", which listed the keywords covered by all topics. An English version of the keywords is also provided.

  13. More Articles are Covered
  14. More articles are released. Westlaw China has recently established content cooperation with 4 renowned law firms, which aims to providing in-depth exploration, analysis and study to the complex and important practical issues, from the perspectives of professionals with rich practice experience and keen insight. It will be of great guiding significance to users in understanding and utilizing relevant laws.

  15. Frontiers of Law in China is Updated
  16. Frontiers of Law in China is a quarterly English academic journal established in 2006 and co-published by Law School of Renmin University of China, Higher Education Press (China) and Thomson Reuters. The journal adopts strict anonymous review system, focuses on China's legal system reform and displays the achievements of legal theory and legal practice. Topics covered include civil and commercial law, economic law, environmental law, intellectual property, criminal law, administrative law, international law, jurisprudence and legal history. The editor-in-chief is Professor Zhu Jingwen from Renmin University of China. Frontiers of Law in China is now updated to 2014 Issue (03), which is available in the "3rd Party Library" section.
    Frontiers of Law in China is not covered by the Westlaw China subscription plan. The users need separate subscription for reading the content.