Westlaw China Update November 2013

With the release in November 2013, Westlaw China improves its functions on the following aspects:

  1. Subject classification in Laws & Regulations
  2. To enable more effective legal research, we now offer subject classification in the Laws & Regulations database.
    With this new classification, users have more options in browsing through the laws and regulations. Users can choose to browse the laws from different promulgating institutions by clicking the “Legal Hierarchy” tab or to browse the laws under a particular subject by clicking the “Subject” tab.

    A new search query filter for the subject matter of the law is added in the advanced search function of the Laws & Regulations database. Users can limit the search results to show laws within a subject classification only.

  3. Multiple Summarizations on Search Result Page
  4. Westlaw China now supports the multiple summarizations of search results. This new feature will help clients run more efficient search and retrieve relevant documents more quickly.
    For example, in the Laws & Regulations database, users can narrow down the  search result list by choosing legal hierarchy, subject, central laws and regulations, local regulations, validity status, or promulgating date.