Westlaw China Update July 2013

With the release in July 2013, Westlaw China improves its functions on the following aspects:

  1. Add validity status change alert in Laws & Regulations Alert
  2. To help our clients keep track of the validity status change of laws and regulations timely, we offer validity states change alert in this release. By creating Laws & Regulations alert, you will receive both the latest important new laws as well as validity status changes of laws and regulations (from forthcoming to valid, revised , invalid) via email.

  3. Enhance Laws & Regulations advanced search facility
  4. We have enhanced the Laws & Regulations advanced search function to enable more effective legal research through the advanced search function. We add more search query filters such as “legal hierarchy”, “promulgating institution”, “only translated”.
    By clicking on the checkbox in “Legal Hierarchy” field, you can limit your search scope to specified legal hierarchy level(s).
    You can type promulgating institution(s) in its full name or its standard abbreviation, to retrieve the laws promulgated by the institution(s) quickly.
    You can also limit your search scope to only those laws that have been translated into English.

  5. Improve auto-link function
  6. We support auto-link of promulgating institutions in Laws & Regulations as well as auto-link of category and subject in Current Awareness to enable more better linking among the documents.
    By clicking on "Promulgating Institution", "Category", or “Subject” filed on the document page, you can retrieve all the documents under that field.