New Westlaw China Released in July 2012

In the new release of Westlaw China in July 2012, the following new functions are provided:

1. New Law Alert

In this release, Westlaw China provides New Law Alert in addition to the alert of Current Awareness. By subscribing through E-mail at the Alerts of Westlaw China, the users could receive the Emails containing the most latest important laws and regulations updated by Westlaw China. The users may also add the results of browse or key words searching into the Alert to receive the updated laws and regulations meeting the specific searching criteria.

To save the time of users, such Email only lists the titles of the laws and regulations. Users may read the full text in Westlaw China database through clicking the links.

2. Case Number Links

To provide better user experience, the new function of case number links is released to help users read the relevant cases. Through clicking the case number links in the document, the page can be directed to the judgment for the case, which may greatly save the searching time of users.

3. Display the Quantity of Documents

To help users learn the quantity of documents in a certain content type collected by Westlaw China, in this release, the number of documents for sub-databases, such as Laws and Regulations, Cases, Articles etc. will be displayed at corresponding places in each layer of the sub-database.

4. Mobile Westlaw China

To facilitate the use of Westlaw China anytime and anywhere, the mobile Westlaw China database supporting IOS, Android systems was released. Users could get access to Current Awareness, Laws and Regulations, Cases, and Articles within 15 days in both Chinese and English (temporarily excluding bilingual documents). Users could use the database through visiting by mobile device browser.