Westlaw China New Version Release in March 2012

With the release in March 2012, Westlaw China improves its functions from the following aspects:

1. Ranking Enhancement

In this release, Westlaw China enhanced relevancy ranking results in Laws & Regulations. Important laws or regulations will show at the top of the result lists.

In addition, description about relevancy ranking in each content set for cross database search is added to help customers better understand the ranking behavior in cross database search.

2. My Folders

To enhance user experience and improve efficiency, Westlaw China has added the "My Folders" feature. This feature allows customers to create new folders, move folders, and delete folders or documents. Customers can save documents from Westlaw China to these online folders and review them by clicking on the document title links saved in these folders. This feature is not available for IP users.

3. Customize Landing Page

Customers can choose a designated content tab as the landing page after logging onto Westlaw China. Please note that the default homepage will be restored if cookies are deleted. This feature is not available for IP users.