Westlaw China New Version Release in January 2012

With the release in January 2012, Westlaw China improves its content from the following aspects:

1. Commentaries

In this release, Westlaw China has added new commentaries and in-depth analysis of law. Together with Westlaw China’s comprehensive legal information collection, these new titles further improve legal research experience by providing practical legal analysis on various topics. These titles can be found in the 3rd Party Library section.

One addition is Frontiers of Law in China, a leading English journal on Chinese law. Subscribers will have access to all the archives and current issue. Another addition is six titles published by Sweet and Maxwell. Access to the full texts of Frontiers of Law and these six new titles is subject to additional charges and requires new subscriptions in addition to Westlaw China.

2. Legal Topic -- Companies and Enterprises now available in English

Legal topic of Companies and Enterprises collects Chinese laws, regulations and cases relevant to companies and enterprises, providing easily accessible information on corporate law, partnership law and other business association’s regulatory framework. This legal topic is organized in five sections: Companies; Non-Corporate Enterprises; Venture Capital Enterprises; Promotion of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises; and Bankruptcy.