Westlaw China New Version Release in September 2011

With the release in September 2011, Westlaw China improves its contents and functions from the following aspects:

1. Articles Enhancement

2. More Model Contracts

New model documents to be released are agreements relating to intellectual property, M&A, based upon the documents filed with SEC filing system for disclosure purpose. On intellectual property four areas include: Assignment, License, Purchase or Sale, and Intellectual Property Security, which are typical areas legal practice usually involves. M&A documents are classified into Acquisition agreements, Merger Agreements, Reorganization, Purchase Agreements. With these two areas highly commercial and of increasingly international nature, the documents render great value for legal practice in China.

3. New EN Legal Topic -- Contract

The new English legal topic – Contract gives a comprehensive and full-range illustration of contract-related theories and practice, covering the Chinese laws and regulations, case headnotes and relevant documents in connection with contract-related issues. It is a practical guidance for users intending to get a general understanding of Chinese laws and legal practices relevant to the contractual issues as well as for users with specific questions in this field. It is the first English legal topic of contract at the market.

4. New Journal -- China Law

China Law is a bilingual and bi-monthly journal which is the only free subscription designated by the Ministry of Justice of People’s Republic of China to the departments of justice of all countries, international organizations and foreign diplomatic missions in China. Following closely legal updates, practice and trends inside and outside of China, senior scholars and experts as main contributors render their expertise and insights to legal professionals.

5. New Practice Area--Energy Law

Westlaw China currently provides a new bilingual Practice Area of Energy Law, which achieves comprehensive integration of various categories of practical documents, through combing and analyzing the data. Focusing on fields that users work in, this Practice Area covers the coal, petroleum, natural gas, nuclear power, electric power, renewable energy, energy saving and miscellaneous.