Westlaw China New Version Release in June 2011

With the release in June 2011, Westlaw China improves its contents from the following aspects:

1. Add Articles database

Articles are provided by leading law firms, legal practitioners and other professionals. With rich experience and keen insights, these authors discuss and clarify complex legal issues in key practice areas. These valuable articles offer a very practical perspective on the understanding and application of law.
Customers can search for Articles using either quick search or advanced search, or alternatively browse through categorized subjects of their own interest.

2. Add Legal Glossary database

Legal Glossary of Westlaw China is well selected by experienced legal editors and translators and is a useful tool for users to refer to bilingual legal terms of Chinese laws and regulations. Indexed alphabetically for English and by Pinyin for Chinese, the bilingual glossary provides around 5,000 selected terms and expressions at present and the figure will continue to grow. The legal terms are classified into twenty subjects covering all key legal subjects. It is one of the most comprehensive and precise online bilingual legal glossaries for Chinese law.
Legal Terms have been integrated with English documents in Westlaw China. By clicking on English legal term in search result list, customers can retrieve all documents in English database containing that term.