Westlaw China New Version Release in December 2010

With the release in December 2010, Westlaw China improves its contents and functions from the following aspects:

1. Add "Cause of Action" as new classification criteria in Case Database (Only in Chinese database)

Westlaw China adds "Cause of Action" as new classification criteria in Case database. Users can search and browse for judgments through Court or Cause of Action, basing on the users' specific needs.

2. Add Selected Cases database (Only in Chinese database)

The Selected Cases database covers many excellent judgments recommended by Westlaw China editors. Legal issues are fully analyzed in these judgments. By reading the judgment documents, users can have an insight into the application of laws and legal issues that should be paid attention to in a short time.

3. Futures and Maritime Affairs have been delivered in Practice Areas of Westlaw China (Only in Chinese database)

4. Function upgrade

1) Improve the Chinese/English page navigation function. Users can switch between Chinese and English pages conveniently by clicking on the Chinese/English link at the top of the website.

2) Simplify the Date input format in the advanced search template.

3) Set the title of a saved or emailed document as its filename by default.